Our olive oil


A constant commitment to capture the authentic taste of nature.
A tradition continuously regenerating.

At the farm Fattoria di Collina we produce biological extra virgin olive oil deriving exclusively from plants of the farm and pressed in the olive oil mill of our property.

The sixty hectares of olive grove, around 16.000 plants, are set in an optimal position and guarantee a unique and excellent product. The soil made of clay and the favourable exposure establish a product with a fruity flavour and a pleasant bitter character. The olives are nibbled mainly manually, brought to the olive oil mill within the same day of the harvest and are immediately pressed.

The processing of the olives takes place in the space of the Ginoriana thanks to a machinery system of monitored temperature with a continuous cycle of two phases. The extraction by centrifugation at two phases guarantees that one can work the olives without using water and reducing therefore the possible emulsion of oil and water and guaranteeing a product with a minimum of solid remainings (remainder). This type of production brings out also the extraction of the olive oil flavours. The preservation of the olive oil takes place in containers of inox steel sheltered from light and temperature bounces.

Our Extra Virgin Olive oil

All the olive oil produced by the farm Tenuta di Collina is a certified biological product. A big part of the harvest is pressed cold (indicated on the label), that means the olives are transformed at a temperature inferior to 27 °C guaranteeing therefore the best possible extraction and the stability of important polyphenolic compounds and antioxidants which intensifies the fruity flavours and the spicy and bitter taste. The production at high temperature could damage these molecules and give the product an unpleasant taste.


Obtained exclusively from olives that comes from plants of our farm and which have been pressed at the olive oil mill of our property, this olive oil is characterized by the low sourness and a low degree of peroxides. The olives are pressed the same day they are harvested.

Obtained by manufacturing the main tuscan varieties of olives (Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Moraiolo), the olive oil gets an intense green colour with flavours of almond, unriped fruit and grass.

The bottle sizes available are 0,250 – 0,500 – 0,750 – 1 litre

Cans from 3 to 5 litres.

Depending on the season and the quality of the olive oil there could be also available a part of olive oil pressed cold and a part of olive oil obtained only by using single varieties such as moraiolo, leccino, pendolino and frantoio.


BIO certified oil is a product that follows precise production regulations by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Organic means using agronomic practices and products that respect the flora and fauna present in the territory, as well as a quality product and a respectful environment. The transformation into oil takes place following precise specifications at the end of a healthy and genuine product.

The organic oil of Tenuta di Collina is the result of a transformation of temperature, the pressing takes place within 12 hours of harvesting, to ensure a maximum chemical and organoleptic quality.

The organic olive oil of Tenuta di Collina is an expression of the authenticity of the flavors of the Tuscan territory.


The Maurino mono-varietal oil is a bet that Tenuta di Collina has decided to embrace with passion and desire to get involved. The Maurino cultivar is native to the Lucca area and is a variety that produces a very delicate oil, gentle but at the same time with character and body. An oil that contains all the flavors and aromas of the Tuscan land, with notes of fresh grass, artichoke and a balanced bitter and spicy.
The monovarietal oil is obtained by collecting olives of the same variety and working them separately in order to obtain an oil only with certain qualitative characteristics, the Tenuta di Collina as well as the Maurino plants already present in the company for many years, will plant in 2019 an intensive olive grove (on the Spanish model) to guarantee collection in optimal maturation times.

The transformation takes place inside the company mill within 12 hours of collection, always at low temperatures, to ensure quality and maintenance of the properties of the oil.